Our participation with the Environment

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The human being up to now has turned their back on the sea.

Little by Little, it is being converted into the greatest rubbish tip that has ever existed, where garbage and leftovers all over the world are contaminating and killing thousands and thousands of marine species. Additionally the mass fishing is emptying our seas and oceans and using up our resources

From the boat “N’Alegria” we wish to broadcast the immense value of the sea and its inhabitants and the sacred duty of each and every one of us to respect it, protect it, look after it and defend it.

Our bet is on sustainable traditional fishing and responsable consume that protects the different species and the sea bed with the promotion of complementary activies of  Tourist Angling and Sailing Tourismn, that brings closer to the citizens marine customs and the necessity we have to protect the marine environnent that is our present and future.

Committed to this noble cause, we take place in various projects, through our group, as for example the recuperation of the posidonia in Formentera.

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