FAQs ( Frecuent Asked Questions)

FAQ ( Frecuent Asked Questions)

Yes. You must bring your DNI or Passport as the boat skipper or sailor will request to see the valid DNI or Passport of the people who are boarding,as per the rules and regulations of the ship office.

It will be so for your security. In compliance with the rules of boarding and disembarking on professional ships, tourists taking part in activities of fishing trips will be ruled by the regulations applied to personnel outside of the crew and passengers, and enroll of same, with the specifics mentioned in the royal decree 239/2019 in which are established the conditions to carry out the activity of Tourist Fishing.

According to the Department of the Merchant Navy, it is understood, unless proof to the contrary, that the people aboard a fishing boat that do not form part of the crew are taking part in a fishing trip activity and, therefore, must comply with the requirements of security as stated in the mentioned royal decree. Therefore, the skipper must note the details mentioned below in the office list and communicate to the Maritime Headquarters of Palma de Mallorca, by telematic means the name, surnames, DNI or Passport and contact telephone number of each and every tourist aboard. Additionally, he must hold a registration on land of same whilst the activity lasts. This informnation will be treated in a private and confidential manner by the company as per the regulation of personal data.

No, but if you have any kind of special health problem or that might require assistance we ask and would be very grateful if you could indicate this to us and we will ask you to fill in a small questionnaire at the time of boarding which we will keep confidential in accordance with Spanish data protection regulations and which could be of great help to us in case you get ill during the activity and in order to forward it to the doctor of the Radiomedical consultation of the Social Institute of the Navy that we will contact  via VHF radio or by calling 9131303475 to have a doctor on hand to assist you until we reach land or a Rescue Service boat arrives, depending on the seriousness of the illness or accident.

No. This it is totally forbidden to feed the fish as per the regulation in force as well as to disturb them in their breeding areas.

Basically it is that Sailing or fishing tourism does not include the carrying out of any fishing activity and is directed towards the explanation on board of the value and circulation of the activities and products and marine environment, as well as explaining the customs, traditions, culture and seafaring patrimony and in difference to the tourist angling no activity of actual fishing can take place.

In summary  sailing or fishing tourism does not include carrying out any angling activity.

This professional sailing boat has a GPS automatic tracing system from the company as well as an international tracing system called AIS so that at all times the boat can be traced by both systems

With a Radio Beacon EPIRB that in an emergency will actívate and advise coastal rescue services and a SART transmitter that automatically will actívate on its contact with water to advise all other boats through Radar communication.

At the same time the Agriculture Department is fitting some tracking systems called “Green Box” to locate and track professional fishing vessels.

On the other hand the boat has life rafts in case of necessity and two VHF radios to contact the Sea Rescue Station if required. Also a dinghy on board that could be used in case of need or rescue.

All clients must wear an automatic inflatable life jacket with a Radio marker that issues a 121 MHZ tracking with an international system of search in the case of someone falling into the sea

Finally the boat has handrails one meter high in order that the passengers feel safe.

Unfortunately this is not possible as according to the RD 239/2019 dated 17.4.19 it is stipulated that the boarding and disembarking  of tourists  must always take place in the port where the boat carries out its extra active main fishing activity.

The boat holds a personal accident insurance policy for those participating, with mínimum capital per victim as follows: 30.000,00 euros in the case of death, 60.000,00 euros in the case of disability and up to 6.000,00 euros for expenses of treatment, rescue and transfer and complies with Art 7 of the RD 239/2019 in which is stated the conditions to carry out the activity of tourist-fishing.

Yes the boat has sufficient adequate life jackets and rescue elements and security for all the people who embark.

Yes, the first-aid kit aboard is sufficient for the type of sailing taking place in each fishing trip as well as another one for the raft and the Skipper holds a degree in basic health formation as well as the boat having a VHF RADIO to contact land to the medical Radio service and if necessary call the rescue services to collect the casualty or ill victim. The first aid kit on board for the crew must be suitable to the type of sailing that the boat carries out as per the Royal Decreee 258/1999, dated 12th February, in which is stated the mínimum conditions concerning health and medical assistance to workers at sea. Also the boat will have a first aid kit type Life Raft as per that stipulated in the Royal Decree 258/1999, dated 12th February to cover the necessities of heath assistance that may be required by the remaining people on board.

The skipper of the boat is responsable for the security conditions for the passengers on board. No under-aged passenger can embark without written authorization by their parents or guardian or people that require special assistance under conditions that are not compatible with the safe practise of the activity.

Yes, the boat has safe boarding measures for the passengers so that embarking and disembarking can be carried out safely.

Yes, the fishing tackle and auxiliary elements will be handled always keeping in mind the presence on board of passengers who are not used to fishing activity. Should it be necessary due to security reasons and the type of skill, manoeuvre or specific activity, an area on board will be prepared where the passengers are free of danger and access will be forbidden to certain areas of the boat during the manoeuvres that hold any risk as stated or ordered by the skipper. These spaces will be duly marked, the floor is non-slip to avoid falls and handles are available to be held onto by the tourists. If the activity of tourist-fishing  is for more than 16 hours according to the type of trip hired, the boat will have adequate accommodation for such and this will be verified previously by the Maritime Headquarters of Palma de Mallorca.

Prior to casting-off the Captain will provide to all passengers written information about the boat and security measures that must be complied with and an explanation of the conditions under which the activity takes place on that day and where they should position themselves to avoid accidents.

Yes. The passengers at all times must wear the life jacket with radio beacon in the case of an accidental fall in the water and have the remaining necessary security measures for the type of activity.

The captures made due to the fishing demonstration must comply with the specific rules concerning mínimum size, species and amounts.

No, The fishing nets or tackle can only be used by members of the crew; under no circumtances can these be used by people who have hired the activities foreseen in Tourist Fishing (Art 3.1 of the RD 230/19 dated 17.4.2019). Remember that if you hire the activity of Holiday Sailors no net will be extended at sea nor angling as in Sailing or fishing tourism no fishing or angling activity can be included and this activity is based on the explanation on board of the value and broadcast of the activities and products of marine environment as well as  explaining customs, traditions, culture and seafaring patrimony.

Yes, but the sale and consume of fishing produce from tourist fishing will be carried out as per the commercial law of fishing products and the regulations of commerce, consume and food security. In summary, it must be weighed in the Fish Market, comply with the rule concerning the Note of delivery and trace before taking the fish home.

The commercial conditions of fishing products obtained in the activity of tourist fishing will be those appearing in article 4.7 of the Royal Decree 418/2015, dated 29th May, under which is stipulated the first sale of fishing products. The autonomous regions will determine the quantity and máximum amount of the products obtained in this manner, being forbidden the sale of live bivalvo molluscs, equinodermos (ex. Starfish etc) tunicados, gasteropodo (shellfish etc). Failing regional regulation it is understood that the authorization of sale may reach the total capture made during the tide, with exception to those forbidden above ( Art 8 of the RD 239/19 dated 17.4.19)

Yes. In this case apart from the compulsory life jacket if you wish we can provide you with other systems of security such as life lines or provide an area on the boat where you feel safe at all time and can enjoy the fishing activity.

The resources on board are very limited as we depend on ourselves. We would request that you try to suitably use the lights on board, use of water etc in order to try and reduce our carbon print on the delicate marine environment that we now are living.

On the other hand we have aboard three waste bins, (Plastic, Tins and other metal products and organic waste ) in order to recycle as much as possible and help our children to receive a better environment than we have.

We would be very pleased to share with you our interest in the sea and sustainable fishing. Therefore part of each purchase from Merchansiding (caps, t-shirts etc) is destined to a foundation that promotes the protection of the Posidonia.

Yes the boat has both toilet and shower with hot water in case of wishing to shower at the end of the trip before returning home clean and freshed up. Remember that fishing is a marine activity and for example on fishing cuttlefish or squid you could get stained with black  ink on pulling them on board.

Yes, the boat has a cabin fitted into the bow of the Bridge with central heating and also a sofa for sitting 4 people on which you can rest, speak with the Captain where he can explain the navigation instruments used by the boat on sailing to the fishing area if you so wish or when you return from having enjoyed this fantastic experience.

Only those authorized by the maritime Authorities can embark and that have purchased the ticket or note which covers them with the insurance for accidents in the case of this event. In the web page for each trip is specified the number of seats available for every day and each activity. If you are a large group, please contact us and we will organize a trip to your measure for you to enjoy a day of Tourist Angling.

In any shared trip will be provided a snack, or lunch or dinner included in the price of the ticket depending on the time of leaving or returning. Lunch or dinner will always be prepared with the fresh fish obtained during the trip. In the case of returning to port before 13.00 hours a snack of “pa amb oli” will always be provided with products or local cold meats. For non shared trips you have available the choice of food and drink that you can choose at least one day before sailing in order that we can carefully prepare same with fresh products. In any case should you requure something special please inform us and we will value and prepare the menu you desire.

We only allow on the excursions or trips non alcoholic drinks but anyway we provide water and two soft drinks per person with no extra cost. At lunch or dinner we provide beers, wine or alcoholic drinks that appear in this web page and that are not included in the price of the ticket purchased.

Smoking is only allowed in areas indicated by the skipper or Captain and it is totally forbidden to smoke near the engine room, toilet, kitchen, Bridge and cabin. The use of any other narcotic drugs is totally forbidden on board and in the case of use the Captain must return to Port and denounce the offender.

Yes and it is our wish that you do not print out same in order to respect the environment, whereby it is sufficient to identify yourself to the Skipper or sailor as holder of the ticket.

Yes, the boat has wifi Movistar with free access at no cost. It is possible that in some coastal areas due to the orography of the coast that the 4G access not be as good as on land although as this boat only moves 12 miles from the coast it is more than likely that coverage is never lost for telephone or data. Even so should there not be coverage it is always possible to contact land in case of emergency by one of the authorized channels of the VHF system or if a satellite telefphone is available.

In this case an email or watts will be sent to the addressee the day before and payment of the trip will be returned.

Should this happen, we are very sorry but our business policy states that rebate is not possible under any circumstances. Our main activity is that of Fishing whereby we are subject to times of departure and return as in any other work and therefore we cannot delay the departure unless this be due to weather conditions. We earnestly request that you arrive at least 20 minutes before the stated departure time for the trip.

The boat cannot return to port before the end of the trip unless this be for emergency, urgent or necessary justified reasons such as weather conditions, indisposition of Passenger or something similar that justifies the immediate return of the boat to port. In this case the Skipper can moor in the home port or any other port he considers appropriate without the right of total or partial rebate of the ticket. Only transport expenses of the tourists will be paid to the port of Palma in the case of mooring in another port due to weather conditions or necessity of the boat. In the case of this being by request of any Passenger based on an urgent cause no transport expenses will be paid to the clients to the Port of Palma.

Above all the most important is not to panic and inform the Captain who as responsable of the boat and Authority will establish which proceedings are to take place by the company depending on the type of action required to resolve the matter.

In all cases you should consult your doctor before embarking in order that he can advise you for taking an anti seasick pill to avoid you not feeling well during the trip.

Anyway we will try to help you although we cannot provide you with any medication as we are not doctors and it is forbidden by the present health law. Always if it possible the skipper will try to change route to make it more comfortable for those passengers who are unwell and we hope that the clients recuperate and enjoy this experience.

You should wear the correct clothing, warm and comfortable. You should bring light waterproof clothes but termal and sports shoes with rubber soles, cap or scarf. We would suggest that you bring your swimming costume and a towel in case you wish to bathe. It is always a good idea to bring more clothing in case you need to change and a sweatshirt or rainjacket in case you get wet.

Only with the corresponding written authorization of the parents or guardian or be accompanied by a responsable person (father, mother or legal guardian)

Our boat is perfect if you use a wheelchair as the deck is totally flat and we have a ramp from the port pier to the boat deck. However, we would appreciate that you contact us before buying a ticket in order to arrange everything so that you can fully enjoy our excursions.

Access by car is not permitterd in this Port area, you will need to leave it outside in the Gardens of San Telmo.  You need to go to the entrance between Casa Eduardo and Astilleros de Mallorca, once you are within the Port enclosure please turn to the left, you will leave the fish market to your left walking along the Edge of the quay and continue to the end, the Street will make you turn to the right, continue straight ahead for 80 meters and you will see the boat on your right in front of the Restaurante Pesquero alongside the quay. You have arrived, start your experience!!!

The boat is in front of the fish market in Palma. It is in front of the Bar restaurant Pesquero and there the parking is with ORA parking meters so you need to buy a ticket from the ORA machine or leave the car in the public parking in Paseo Mallorca.

We would advise you do this by telephone (+34 670 330 514), by watts or email and we would be very pleased to assist you as soon as possible.

All the activities and trips offered hold the compulsory public liability insurance and of course these are included in the ticket price.

Involved with the environment

The human being has turned his back on the sea and we all have to respect it, protect it, take care of it and defend it.

Pre-boarding Safety

Safety standards and recommendations on board the N’Alegria and compliance with protocols for COVID-19

Become a sailor for a day

And get to know the Mallorcan culture and tradition and the professional fishing culture in your own skin.

Involved with the environment

The human being has turned his back on the sea and we all have to respect it, protect it, take care of it and defend it.

Pre-boarding Safety

Safety standards and recommendations on board the N’Alegria and compliance with protocols for COVID-19

Become a sailor for a day

And get to know the Mallorcan culture and tradition and the professional fishing culture in your own skin.